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Dr. canon, professor of Harvard Medicine University states:
Most people suppose that their hearts are working consistently
but they should know that after every contraction beat, there is a
definite rest for the heart. When your heart beats 70 times per
minute, that is , it has just worked 9 hours from 24 hours and
has rested the remaining 15 hours! Therefore, you should try to
rest like your heart before feeling tired".


There is no doubt that the most important duty of a physician is diagnosis of disease and eventually treatment. Diagnosis and treatment are equally important, a correct diagnosis is only to be achieved after a correct diagnosis. The increasing development of medical sciences and astonishing expansion of technology has led to new solutions in diagnosis and treatment, one of these advance medical branch is Nuclear Medicine, which is almost a new modality for diagnosis and treatment.

Today with the help of the radiotracers a group of diseases could be diagnosed (in most of the cases by a simple intravenous injection), even in very early stages. Early  diagnosis of  brain and heart infarctions, pulmonary embolism, acute osteomyelitis which are considered as medical emergencies are examples of those cases. With help of radioisotopes acute gastrointestinal bleeding could be diagnosed with a sensitivity of 0.5 ml in minute or minute amounts of substances or drugs at the level of picogram could be measured. In patients with cardiac problems which other diagnostic modalities appeared to be normal Nuclear Medicine could be helpful for prediction of infarction even can diagnose the region in danger, therefore proper treatment will be implemented. At the present time one of the useful tool in medical imaging is Nuclear Medicine technique. In this type of study a small and safe dose of a radioactive material usually with short half life and lowest energy will be administered to patient and then images of target organ will be recorded.

Recorded images not only shows the anatomy but can depicts function and physiology of the organ and in case of necessity the percentage of function of the organ can be calculated. By using tomography technique (SPECT) the target organ could be assessed in different aspects with high accuracy.

One of the active nuclear medicine center in the world is Partow Nuclear Medicine Center which is located in north of Tehran - Iran. This center is founded in year 2000 but the first steps for medical activity and services started 20 months before official activities.The founders of this center have been very careful and sensitive in selection of place and designing of the building as well as equipments such as SPECT imaging system and stress test facilities

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