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Partow Nuclear Medicine Center was founded with special interest in Nuclear Cardiology. Selection of equipment and even to have a suitable emblem a careful attention was made. The founders of this center have strong belief that for advancement of nuclear cardiology in IRAN an extensive scientific and practical work must be done in order to achieve the strength of nuclear cardiology and its potential role for future growth.

Heart diseases has the highest rate of morbidity and mortality all over the world , Therefore a good scientific work will help physicians to have a better diagnosis and justified treatment. As we know prevention is much more important than the treatment, therefore the goal of Partow Nuclear Medicine Center is mainly devoted for myocardial perfusion study. With help of this procedure the weakness of heart muscle perfusion will be detected and future heart attack will be prevented.

The founders always have regular staff meeting and continously emphasizing how to behave with patients by reading books and participation in staff meeting and very well know patients psychology and their expectations.All patients will have special clean dress and best reception and hospitality will be offered to them.

Our slogan is very simple: "Place yourself in the position of the patient." and we should refer to the Dr. Rosenfeld famous expression: "The best patient is one with good knowledge." This idea makes our practice a little bit difficult but enforce us to do our job with best quality performance in order to be satisfied. The founders of this center believe that in this developed world today the old and even usually methods will not be able to achieve a considerable success. Advertisement is the most important element for introducing the quality of a merchandise but should not be a propaganda . When we struggle in different aspects to be in a high standard level automatically take the attention of clear-sighted and knowledgeable  authorities,therefore will be recognized to them with a good credit.

At present time many of the governmental and private organizations (around 25) have a working agreement with Partow Center, Iran & Asia Insurance companies & S.O.S. organization are a few examples of those and This center has a continuous and current relation with outstanding nuclear medicine centers in the world paying a considerable effort to obtain the latest information in the field of nuclear cardiology. Dr. Sadeghi and Dr. Ansari both are interested to have a good relation with all cardiologists in the world specially cardiologists in IRAN and welcome their comments and suggestions. We know cardiologists are the most responsible physicians  for patients with heart problems. Therefore a correct myocardial perfusion scan which is usually will be correlated with cardio- angiography has a tremendous value for patient,s treatment decisioin. This center is always ready to have suggestion, comments and critic of colleagues in order to improve the quality of works for the benefit of patients. We are aware of SPECT system artefacts. Therefore our technologists know how to deal with these errors and in difficult instances they consult with us before processing the images.And finally as the most important factor for us to introduce a high quality service,we expecting our colleagues to help us in scientific and researching manner to keep our standard high and we cordially shaking their hands.

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